Private Lessons


Sal is giving private lessons for all levels.


Are you a total beginner? Have you been dancing cuban salsa for a while and want to polish your moves or just fancy a change in salsa style? 


Then why not consider a few private lessons, we can boost your confidence and help you look smooth on the dance floor.


Private lessons are suitable for individuals, couples or even small groups.


Usually a private lesson is 1 or preferably 2 hours per week. However, this is flexible and can be adjusted to what you want to do. Sal also offers six week courses.



Special Occasions


Do you have a special occasion which you would like to make a little different?

Then why not consider salsa classes for your guests, avoid those awkward moments when no one is mixing.  After a fun session of salsa everyone will be talking or at least apologising for stepping on your toes!